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Interior Design

FULL RESIDENTIAL Interior design service

All  projects begin with an in-person initial consultation. For renovation and decor we will meet at the project location. For custom build projects, we will meet in office and it is recommend that the builder and homeowner are both present at this meeting. The initial consultation helps us get familiar with the scope of work required for the project as well as interviewing the client to understand their needs. After this meeting, the client will be provided with a formal quotation. In most cases, measurements and photos of the space will need to be taken before the start of the project. As a full service interior design firm, our design process begins with a conceptual presentation and is completed with a turn key installation. All projects are unique and require a different process from start to finish. For more information on what our process would be for your particular project you can email us at or call us at 647.467.6187.


At ENI, we recognize the need for a customized approach to each project. We offer quality grade service on all condominium renovation and development projects. Our unique strategy has been honed through years of experience as our team of dedicated Designers work together to create outstanding results with an easy and efficient step by step process. We are committed to maintain regular communication and on site inspection for quality control ensuring smooth execution from start to the official completion of each project.

We believe in building relationships for long term partnerships with our clients. As we take pride in maintaining an outstanding reputation, we guarantee a high level of, reliability, transparency, cooperation with all members of the team and an ultimate devotion to your success. 

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