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Elisse Navi Interiors offers full service design, catering to Condominium renovation and new project developments. 


working with developers

ENI offers exclusive full design services for sales centres, model suites and common areas for condo developments.

We are committed to providing a high standard of service from the start of the project with preliminary plans to completion with furniture procurement and staging. 


ENI works closely with Architects to review plans and ensure the best outcome of interior layout and commits to staying on brand with the marketing teams.

Contact us directly for more information and to request a consultation for your project.



working with property managers
and condo board of directors

ENI works closely with condo management for building restoration, update and renovation projects. We cater to an array of budgets from high to low providing fully detailed design plans for all common areas, such as, lobby, elevators, corridors, recreational areas, fitness facilities, swimming, bathrooms, change rooms etc.

ENI guarantees elements of quality as well as timeless design to ensure longevity of all updated areas.

Services provide full project and contractor management as well as furniture procurement and final installation supervision for all finishing touches. 

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